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Regular Savings


A regular savings product which requires an initial deposit of P200 and maintaining balance of P500 to earn interest rate of 0.30% per annum.

For Individual Account
– photocopy of 2 government-issued Valid IDs
– 3 pcs of 1×1 ID picture
– Php 500.00 initial and maintaining deposit

For Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporation
– photocopy of 2 government-issued Valid IDs of the Signatories
– 3 pcs of 1×1 ID picture of the Signatories
– Php 10,000.00 initial and maintaining deposit.
– Board Resolution for opening of account, duly notarized
– Articles of Partnership (for Partnership) or Articles of Incorporation(for Corporation)
– Arrangement of the Extent of Authority of each partner (for Partnership)
– DTI Registration (for Sole-Proprietorship)
– SEC Registration (for Corporation)

MEMBER: PDIC Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000