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Macro Savings
This is a Regular Savings which requires a very minimal initial and maintaining deposit of P200.00

Macro Kids
Children 7 to 16 years old are entitled to open their own savings account. The initial deposit is only P100.00 which is very affordable for them. This is the bank’s way of instilling in the children the value of saving by providing a special account that is within their budget. Members are also given the chance to participate and join in the various promos, contests and activities.

Macro Plus
Time deposit with a minimum deposit of Php 10,000.00

Macro Gold
Initial and maintaining balance of Php 100,000.00 earning higher interest rate.
Deposit/ Withdrawal anytime like regular savings.

Macro +V
Get monthly fixed interest rate for five (5) years, higher than other deposit product. For a minimum deposit of Php 100,000.00

SSS Pensioners Savings
Opening account of Php 100.00 and avail back loan with the lowest interest rate.

Macro Check
A Regular Checking Account to get you ahead! You now have a checking account that you can use for your business or personal purpose.

Personal Checking Account- Php 5,000.00
Corporate Checking Account- Php 10,000.00

Partnered with Habitat for Humanities Philippines you can now have Micro-Savings Program for Home improvement /repair with initial deposit of Php100.00.(For Pateros Branch Only)

Macro Flexi Plan
A Savings product locked for two or three years with option to withdraw interest or to save it for future use (Load up or Build up)

Loan Products

Macro Asenso (Collateralized Loan)

  • Small Medium Enterprise (Business Loan)
  • Real Estate Loan
  • Other Personal Consumption Loan

SSS Pensioner’s Loan
Back to back loan with low interest rate

Salary Loan
Get your salary on advance! Access our latest consumer loan service. This type of Salary Loan is specially designed for regular employees and workers. For emergency and other special purposes, they can have their salaries earlier with an easy term and low interest rate.

Microfinance Loan

UNLAD Express ( Uunlad ang Negosyo sa Lingap at Disiplina )
Loanable amount- Php 5,000.00 – Php 300,000.00

  • Guaranteed low interest
  • No collateral
  • Easy repayment terms
  • Increase savings thru loan availment